Harmonious Tarot Deck

Harmonious Tarot Deck

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The tarot of Lady Victoria Westwood - 1893.

Using the evocative, whimsical, and richly detailed art of Walter Crane and Earnest Fitzpatrick, the Harmonious Tarot invites you to experience the Victorian world of the mythical Lady Victoria Westwood. With artistic beauty and an experiential story line, this deck will be right at home at the finest high tea in a typical English cottage's garden - or at your next reading.

As Lady Westwood describes the cards, you will feel enchanted with the charming feel of a hand-painted tea cup or maidens fanning a goddess. But do not mistake this for a simple art deck. This one has powerful insight that will add to your divinatory skills.

Death, for example, is shown dancing, not riding. He is now an active character from whom there is no escape. A woman on the 7 of cups holds a mirror and see herself as aged, a fascinating addition to the usual meaning of "daydreams, fantasies, and imagination" given to this card. The borders show typical Victorian decorative flowers, and the backs are intense, mirrored mazes like rugs or wall hangings that are ideal as focal points for meditation and pathworking.

This deck has a delicate, non-threatening softness to it making it ideal for beginners. It is perfect for asking warm, friendly, and gentle questions. Its subtlety and whimsy makes this deck great for more experienced tarot workers, too, allowing you to bring forth new insights and realizations. Like the Victorians, its depth is often more than is apparent on the surface. A great deck to have and use.

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