3D Mandala Purple Elephant Tapestry 60" x 90"

3D Mandala Purple Elephant Tapestry 60" x 90"

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These 3-D tapestries are the ultimate versatile decor item for your bohemian space! All 3-D tapestries come with a pair of 3-D glasses for viewing. Bring serenity to your own personal sanctuary with these tapestries and get creative with decorating. Tapestries can simply hang on the ceiling above your bed, or hang on the wall, they can be used as a beach blanket, bedspread, couch cover and more. Tapestries can even be used for DIY projects like making pillows, chair cushions, curtains, and more.

Please Note: Tapestry colours may differ from images.

Tapestry Features:

  • Size: 50" x 90"
  • Single Tapestry
  • Made of 100% Cotton
  • 3-D Glasses for Viewing
  • Made in India