Hello! And welcome to all you beautiful people! I'm Jolene, or Jo, and I am absolutely blessed to be the woman behind Eclectic Soul. I am Mom to my 2 handsome adult sons, Mother-in-Law to my beautiful daughter in law, and proud Grandma to most adorable little man in the world ♥.

Eclectic Soul is a reflection of my love for anything and everything that makes my heart happy, from my love of beautiful clothing to my Faith and Spirituality....and a whole lot of things in between. I love to help people look and feel amazing through body, mind, and soul, and without spending a fortune to do it. I work hard at creating a space of love & light where you can find a variety of products to compliment your life, or a unique gift for a loved one, or just stop in for a chat or a hug if you're having a tough day. Come and take in the positive energy and calming aromas to turn your day around :)